Care Management

Caring for an elderly loved one or planning for your own care can be overwhelming, and often raising questions and concerns about a wide range of issues. Home Care Solutions provides consulting and management services for older and disabled adults and their families including Pasco senior care and home health care in local communities. Because we specialize in complex medical situations, challenging family dynamics, and best practices in dementia care. Our care management service is based on knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate problem solving and advocacy to bring quality of care and quality of life to our clients and their families.

Professional care management ensures a supportive, thorough, and effective process and includes a range of services to help address clients’ health, emotional, functional, legal, financial, and other needs. Our aging life care professionals are nurses or social workers. They are trained as problem solvers, advocates, service coordinators, and counselors. With an established professional network, we have an intimate knowledge of resources in the community.

They provide baseline assessments, identify the strengths and needs of clients, and recommend senior home care options and community resources to support individuals wishing to remain safely at home. Ongoing visits serve to monitor for safety and changes in condition. Families living out of town and those with significant time constraints find local home care management and consultation invaluable. To explore more read the article by Aging Life Care Association, "The Value of Working with an Aging Life Care Professional."

Care Management Provides:

  • Personalized Service
  • Safety assessments/fall prevention
  • Health care coordination
  • Aging education
  • Extensive knowledge of local resources
  • Medication Management
  • Management of chronic illnesses or emotional distress
  • Crisis prevention
  • Interventions to prevent caregiver burnout
  • Social Support
  • Transition support between residential settings

Who Can Benefit:

  • Elders needing support and assistance to remain independent in the home
  • Persons diagnosed with dementia and/or are experiencing safety and self-care problems
  • Older adults with chronic illness or mental health issues
  • Concerned friends or family members seeking information about care options and residential alternatives for their elders
  • Family caregivers needing relief or guidance in taking care of their loved one
  • Families living out of town and those with significant time constraints
  • A senior whose life would be enhanced by regular visits for socialization, home-cooked meals or medication reminders

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