Benefits of HCS

Benefits of Hiring Home Care Solutions

Why Choose Home Care Solutions vs. Hiring a Private Caregiver?

Do you wonder how to find quality, trustworthy caregivers to come into your home?  At Home Care Solutions, all employment applications are carefully screened prior to an interview.  Each caregiver candidate is interviewed by at least 2 managers.  We check references and conduct a criminal background check.

In addition, caregivers must be certified or registered with the state of Washington, have a current First Aid/CPR card, have successfully completed training through “Fundamentals of Care” and “Nurse Delegation” and have experience working with either the elderly, disabled or special needs individuals. Once the candidate has successfully completed these requirements, he/she is considered for a position.

Additionally, we have a skills lab dedicated to training for all levels of caregivers and any time during employment with us should they need it. Whether it may be for an overview on skills or their first time learning a new skill, we are here to support them in their career! Our skills lab is in our office, fully equipped to train on Hoyer lifts, bed baths, toileting, transfers, catheter care, and a whole lot more! Our Training Coordinator offers skills training every other Thursday in the skills lab. All staff are welcome to sign up to learn new things or sharpen their skills.

  • You won’t have to figure out the legal ins and outs of bringing a caregiver into your home.  Home Care Solutions is licensed with the state of Washington as a Home Care Agency.  In addition, we are bonded and insured.  We meet all the guidelines, standards and expectations which ensures we are reputable and professional;
  • You won’t have to hire someone to do payroll for you, we pay our employees twice a month and pay all employment taxes.  This include L & I, protecting you should a caregiver get injured while caring for you.
  • Caregiver call in sick causing you to miss work?  Not if you have Home Care Solutions working for you.  We have a scheduler working 24/7 to find coverage for a caregiver should someone call in sick;
  • You don’t “click” with your caregiver?  No problem.  We have a pool of exceptional caregivers to choose from and will match you up with another one.  We want you to be comfortable with who comes into your home.
  • Can’t keep track of your medications?  Our RN can fill your weekly medication box and our caregivers have the training to administer your medications and help you stay on top of refills.
  • Do you have long-term-care insurance? Veteran’s benefits? Department of Labor card?  Home Care Solutions is contracted with these payors, allowing you to receive home care without out-of-pocket expense.  We do all the paperwork.
  • Afraid you may have to move to a nursing facility?  Our comprehensive services bridge the gap between your needs and your independence, allowing you to remain in your home where you feel safe and secure.
  • Not sure if you can afford personal care?  For many seniors, the cost of nursing home care or an assisted living facility surpasses the cost of one-on-one senior care in a private home.  With a caregiver from Home Care Solutions, clients have the ideal scenario; 1:1 care with a person they trust in the comfort of their own home.